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Vegetarian Snack Pack

Available for Download for just $24.95

Now You Can Help Your Readers Save Time & Money with These Delicious Kitchen-Tested Recipes with Original Food Photos, and our new Snack Pack series is available without a subscription!

What’s Inside

Each Snack Pack Contains 6 Kitchen-Tested Recipes, Original Food Photos & Recipe Cards!

Meatless recipes are becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious of their health and the environment. With rising food costs, many are looking for economical yet tasty ways to feed their families. As a food blogger, you can capitalize on this trend by providing readers with delicious recipes that are meatless and budget-friendly.


As a a food, lifestyle, or health blogger, you know how hard it can be to keep your blog filled with fresh food-themed content. With all the things you have going on, it can be a real struggle to constantly come up with delicious, new recipes and mouth-watering images your readers will love.

Fortunately, we are here to help!

Our convenient recipe + photo PLR packs offer an affordable way to keep your blog filled with brand new, high-quality food content whenever you need it.

This Vegetarian Recipe & Photo PLR Snack Pack includes these 6 new kitchen-tested recipes.

*All photos are exclusive to KitchenBloggers. We take each photo, so you never need to worry about the source. That means zero worry about what rights come with my ready-to-publish food content!


As an added bonus, you will also receive beautiful recipe cards for each recipe for you to customize with your branding, website, and/or special offer.

Here’s a look at just a few of the exclusive food PLR images included in this brand new pack:



Think of all the time and money you’d spend if you were to create this content yourself each month… Brainstorming new ideas, making multiple trips to the grocery store, paying for ingredients, developing and testing each recipe, taking quality food photos, and coming up with ideas to share via email and social media.
Fortunately, we’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you with our new premium recipe + photo PLR packs – for a fraction of what you’d spend doing it yourself!

*This package is available WITHOUT a subscription!

Vegetarian Snack Pack


Due to the digital nature of our products and our 8+ year history of serving happy customers, no refunds are available on our products, except in the case of duplicate purchases.

This PLR (private label rights) content is exclusive to KitchenBloggers. You may edit and publish this content under your own name. For example, you may use this material for blog posts, enewsletter content, cookbooks, free opt-in reports, or other products to give away or sell to your customers for their personal use.
You may NOT sell, give away, or otherwise distribute the PLR or any other resale license to this material.

Vegetarian Snack Pack

Available for Download for just $24.95

Vegetarian Snack Pack

Just $24.95