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Food Gardening
Mega PLR Pack

If your audience is hungry for information on how to grow their own healthy and delicious fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs, this value-packed Food Gardening Mega PLR is for you! This bundle includes Three full food gardening PLR packages brimming with thoroughly researched and professionally written content that you can share with your audience with confidence.

Here are the packs included in this bundle: (Full details for each pack are included below):

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What’s Inside

Here’s What You Get in the Food Gardening Mega Pack:


Pack 1

Grow More in Less Space Vegetable Garden Planning (5,208 Words)

This quality gardening article PLR package shows your readers how to reap the many benefits of growing their own fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs – even if they are short on gardening space.

The “Grow More in Less Space” Vegetable Gardening PLR Pack Includes:

Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack


Pack 2

Pack #2 – Vegetable Garden Planning PLR (4,656 Words)

If you love to cook, growing your own vegetable garden is one of the most rewarding things you can do. This pack of gardening PLR articles was created to help you educate your readers how to get started.


Pack Contents

Each in-depth article in this series has been thoroughly researched for accuracy. Use these articles
to give your readers the kind of detailed vegetable gardening advice they want!

Vegetable Garden Planning Double PLR Pack

Get the double pack for 19$

NOTE: Packs #1 and #2 are not available individually. They are available together in the Vegetable Gardening Double PLR Bundle.


Pack 3

Culinary Herb Gardening PLR

Most culinary herbs don’t require a lot of maintenance once you get them planted, so you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy abundant harvests all season long. Plus, fresh herbs are a healthy way to add an extra punch of flavor to your favorite recipes – without adding a ton of extra calories or artificial ingredients.

Now you can show your readers how EASY it is to enjoy the delicious and healthy benefits of growing culinary herbs at home with this

Pack Contents

18 Page Visual Report – 5,200+ words in both PDF and easy-to-edit PowerPoint

Report includes cover image, table of contents, 15 pages on popular culinary herbs, and a resource page where you can recommend your favorite cooking and gardening tools and resources or promote your own products.

Use this report as a “freemium” opt-in gift to help build your email list – or better yet, offer one or two individual tip sheets as the incentive and offer the full report as premium content. You could also create an email course where you share an individual tip sheet each week, with the option to purchase the full guide at any time.

15 Individual Tip Sheets on Popular Culinary Herbs

Available in PDF, easy-to-edit PowerPoint and .jpg format for easy branding

Full report text in both Word and Text format

Featuring the content from the visual report. Share this material on your blog, in your newsletter and with your social media followers. (5,200+ words)


Tip sheets for culinary herbs included in this report

These tip sheets are identical to the pages inside the report. They are broken out as individual files to give you greater flexibility in how you distribute this material.

Culinary Herb Gardening PLR Pack

Get the double pack for 20$


Pack 4

Tasty Tomato Gardening PLR Pack

Growing and preparing your own vegetables is a fun and rewarding experience. There is something so satisfying about digging in the dirt and watching your own garden-fresh vegetables develop over the warm summer months… and there is nothing quite like the exquisite taste of just-ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine.

This high-quality pack of tomato gardening PLR articles, photos, and infographic was created to help you educate your readers about this fun and rewarding hobby.

8 Tomato Gardening Articles

Each in-depth article in this bundle features all natural and/or organic growing methods and has been thoroughly researched for accuracy. This means you can rest easy knowing you are sharing quality material with your audience.


High-Quality Infographic Five Great Tomato Varieties For Perfect Homemade Sauces

You can brand with your site name, then share on social media or offer as a sign up freebie to grow your email list.
Available in .jpg format. This custom graphic is EXCLUSIVE to KitchenBloggers – if you see it sold elsewhere with PLR
or Master Resale Rights, it is being done illegally.


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 Need ideas to make money from this ready-to-publish content? We’ve got you covered!

There are lots of money-making opportunities for you to add your own high-quality product recommendations
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Tasty Tomato Gardening PLR Pack

Tasty Tomato Gardening PLR Pack

Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack


The Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack is EXCLUSIVE to KitchenBloggers. This package comes with full PLR rights – meaning you can edit and publish this content under your own name. You may also edit, bundle, and sell (or give away) this material to your readers as a new finished product for their personal use only.

However, this product does NOT come with any form of resale or other distribution rights. It may NOT be sold on other PLR OR MRR sites or added to PLR site memberships as bonus or premium content.

Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack

Get All 4 Packs Today for Just $49!


Food Gardening Mega PLR Pack

Just $49