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Free Taste Tests by KitchenBloggers

It takes A LOT of time and money to create great food content, develop and test delicious new recipes, and take stunning food photographs week in and week out. Here you’ll find all the pre-written food content you need to “Feed Your Blog!”.


See for yourself how EASY it is to use this high-quality KitchenBloggers’ exclusive content in your own food-related projects with these 5 FREE “Taste Tests.” You can edit and use this material under your own name on your blog, across social media, in your email newsletter, and/or in your free or paid cookbooks or other digital products – without spending hours and hours creating it all yourself.

NOTE: You will need to create a free account to download your PLR pack. However, you will NOT be required to provide any payment information to claim this free gift!

Free PLR Pack #1 - Decadent Desserts

Free Taste Test by KitchenBloggers - Desserts

Are your readers hungry for delicious, fresh-from-the-oven recipes made “from scratch?” Are you struggling to keep your blog filled with delicious recipes and gorgeous food photographs?


If So, You’re Going to Love These Delicious “From Scratch” Baking PLR Recipes with Original Food Photos!


Here’s What’s Included in Your Taste Test: 3 All-New Kitchen-Test Recipes with Original Food Photos.


  • Creamy Pumpkin Mousse – 7 Additional Gluten Free Images
  • Baked Cinnamon Apple Crisp Recipe – 8 Additional “In-Process” Photos
  • Homemade Peach Cobbler
  • [BONUS] 3 Full-Color Illustrated Recipe Cards
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Free PLR Pack #2 - Instant Pot PLR

Free Taste Test by KitchenBloggers - Instant Pot

It’s not always easy getting it all done, but give yourself a break. We’re our toughest critics and harshest bosses, but with a little planning we can get to where we want to and have a fresh supply of great food content on our sites.


Here’s What’s Included in Your Taste Test: All-New Kitchen-Test Recipes with 11 Original Food Photos.

  • Instant Pot® Sesame Garlic Chicken Wings
  • Instant Pot® Blackberry Iced Tea
  • Instant Pot® Garden Vegetable Soup
  • [BONUS] Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • [BONUS] Instant Pot® Vegan Vegetable Soup
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Free PLR Pack #3 - All New Recipes V2

Free Taste Test by Kitchen Bloggers

When it comes to appetizers, there are endless possibilities. But with so many options, it can be tough to decide what to make. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite recipes that will impress your readers.

Here’s What’s Included in Your Taste Test: 3 kitchen-test recipes with 22 original food photos.

  • Chipotle Lime Shrimp Kabobs
  • Butterflied Cranberry Orange Pork Tenderloin
  • San Marino Chicken Fideo Soup
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Free PLR Pack #4 - All New Recipes V1

PLR Recipe Test Taste 1

Here you’ll find all the pre-written food content you need to “Feed Your Blog!” Whether you need reliable kitchen-tested recipes with mouthwatering food photographs, easy-to-Monetize pre-written product reviews, or professionally researched and written cooking and gardening articles – we’ve got you covered!

3 kitchen-test recipes with 12 original food photos (each recipe includes 4 photos) 


  1. One-Skillet Lemon-Rosemary Chicken and Broccoli
  2. Hearty Minestrone with Fresh Arugula
  3. Carrot Cake Smoothie with Coconut Whipped Cream
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Free PLR Pack #5 - Ketogenic Recipes

Keto PLR Free Taste Test

The gluten-free recipes included in this signature white label recipe + photo package can be used on just about any website that focuses on using healthy, whole food ingredients.

3 kitchen-tested recipes with 9 original food photos (each recipe includes 3 photos)

  • One-Skillet Chicken Mozzarella
  • Delicious Egg Roll in a Bowl
  • Loaded Cauliflower Au Gratin
  • [Bonus] Garlic-Chive Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
  • [Bonus] Crispy Seasoned Kale Chips
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