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Round Up: Recipe Packs with In-Process Photos

Due to popular demand, KitchenBloggers now offers optional “add-on” packs of in-process photos to complement new recipe + photo PLR packs.

I often receive many emails asking which packages have in-process photos available. So I decided to put together this round up style post as a resource for you. Going forward, I will keep it updated each month as new packs are added. Below you will find links to the main recipe + photo PLR packs that have optional “add-on” packs available. You MUST have a copy of the main package in order to purchase the add-on pack. Once you purchase the main recipe + photo pack, you will immediately be redirected to a page where you can pick up the “add on” package of in-process photos, as well.


Please note: If you already have any of the main packages below – you can find a link for the “add-on” in-process photo pack on the download page for the main pack in your member area.


Brand New: Monthly Content Prompts now includes 4 Brand New Recipes with In-Process Photos Each Month

Optional Add-On In-Process Photos are Available for These Recipe + Photo PLR Packs: 

Please Note: Optional add-on packs are meant to work WITH the main recipe + photo package for each theme – they are NOT sold as standalone products on their own. 


Snack Pack Series PLR Recipes with Photos:


Traditional Baking PLR Recipes with Photos:


Gluten and Refined Sugar-Free Recipe + Photo Series: 


Please Note: You MUST have a license to the main package (links above) to purchase the in-process photos for each pack. 


If you already have a copy of the main package, you can find the link to the optional add-on pack on the download page for each product in your member area.


Homemade Chocolate Mousse Recipe PLR with Photos

These Packs Also Have Add-On Packs with Additional Recipes, Menu Plans, and/or Other Content: 

Please Note: These optional add-on packs are meant to work WITH the main recipe + photo package for each theme – they are not sold as standalone products on their own. These packs do NOT include in-process photos for each recipe – they include additional recipes, menu plans, recipe cards, and/or other content that complements the material in the main pack. 


You MUST have main package (above left) to purchase the add-on packs. The optional ‘add-on’ packs include additional kitchen-tested recipes, some in-process photos, menu plans, and/or other content meant to complement the original main recipe pack. Please review each sales page carefully (click on the links above) for full details of what is included in each pack).

Here’s a Preview of the In-Process Photos for One Recipe:

Featured Recipe: Pistachio-Crusted Roasted Salmon (Fresh Seafood Recipes)


Recipe PLR In Process Photos


Think of all the time and money you’d spend if you were to create this content yourself… Brainstorming recipe ideas, making multiple trips to the grocery store, paying for ingredients, developing and testing each recipe, taking quality food photos, and coming up with ideas to share via email and social media.


Fortunately, we’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you with our original Recipe + Photo PLR Packages – for a fraction of what you’d spend doing it yourself!



This PLR (private label rights) content is exclusive to KitchenBloggers. You may edit and publish this content under your own name. For example, you may use this material for blog posts, enewsletter content, cookbooks, free opt-in reports, or other products to give away or sell to your customers for their personal use.
You may NOT sell, give away, or otherwise distribute the PLR or any other resale license to this material. This content may NOT be sold or given away on another PLR or Master Resale Right (MRR) site.
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