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Free Taste Test: Instant Pot® Recipes + Photos

Don’t Turn On That Oven (or Pick Up That Camera!) 

As a busy food-loving blogger, you already know it takes A LOT of time and money to create delicious food content, develop and test yummy new recipes, and take stunning food photographs week in and week out.

Fortunately, KitchenBloggers can help!!

Here you’ll find all the pre-written food content you need to “Feed Your Blog!” Whether you need reliable kitchen-tested recipes with mouth-watering food photographs, easy-to-Monetize pre-written product reviews, or professionally researched and written cooking and gardening articles – we’ve got you covered!

Is pre-written food and recipe content (aka PLR) right for you??

See for yourself how EASY it is to use this high-quality KitchenBloggers’ exclusive content in your own food-related projects with this FREE “Taste Test.” You can edit and use this material under your own name on your blog, across social media, in your email newsletter, and/or in your free or paid cookbooks or other digital products – without spending hours and hours creating it all yourself.

Free Taste Test

Download Your FREE Instant Pot® Recipes "Taste Test" PLR Pack Today!

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Here’s What’s Included in Your “Taste Test”…

3 All-New Kitchen-Test Recipes with 11 Original Food Photos 

  1. Instant Pot® Sesame Garlic Chicken Wings
  2. Instant Pot® Blackberry Iced Tea
  3. Instant Pot® Garden Vegetable Soup

Plus 2 More Exclusive Bonus Recipes with 6 Additional Photos:

  1. Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings
  2. Instant Pot® Vegan Vegetable Soup

Download these delicious kitchen-tested recipes with 17 gorgeous food photos* – for FREE!

Free Taste Test

*All photos are exclusive to KitchenBloggers. I take each photo, so you never need to worry about the source. That means zero worry about what rights come with my ready-to-publish food content!

Download Your FREE "Taste Test" PLR Pack Today!

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Reminder: You will need to set up a FREE, no-strings-attached account to claim your bonus Instant Pot® Recipes “Taste Test” PLR pack. However, you will not be required to provide any payment information to claim this free gift!

The only restrictions on what you can do with this content:

1. You may NOT sell or give away PLR, MRR, or any other type of resale rights to this content. (For example, you may NOT sell or give away this material on another PLR store, PLR membership site, or add this material to image-related plug-ins or software).

2. This content (or any products created from it) may not be published or distributed elsewhere under or in association with my or the KitchenBloggers name.

Instant Pot PLR

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