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Piggy Makes Bank Food PLR Packs and Bundles

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Tracy and Susanne at Piggy Makes Bank are among my favorite PLR providers. It feels like I’ve known them both “forever,” but maybe it hasn’t been quite that long. 🙂 I love the quality content they create, so I wanted to take a moment and put together a list of all of their GREAT food-related content for you in one place.


By the way, you can save a cool 50% on any of these packs by using coupon code – KITCHENBLOGGERS – when you checkout. As an added bonus, if you purchase any item(s) below using my links on this page (links on this page are affiliate links which means I will receive a commission for making the referral, but you won’t pay any more for using those links. In fact, you’ll save 50% by using my special ext coupon code – Plus, you’ll get a bonus coupon for 50% off any single item on (Just email me your receipt to get your coupon!)


Please note: Piggy Makes Bank is in no way affiliated with KitchenBloggers. All links listed below will take you to an unrelated (but highly recommended) site.

Here are a Few of Their Food and Gardening PLR Packs:

Eating Through the Seasons PLR Bundle – – GREAT VALUE (Don’t miss this one!)

Or choose from the individual season of your choice:

Seasonal Eating – Spring

Seasonal Eating – Summer

Seasonal Eating – Fall

Seasonal Eating – Winter


Here are a few featured packs you might like:

Instant Pot PLR Pack

5 Slow Cooker Articles

30 Day Slow Cooking Challenge

Intermittent Fasting MEGA PLR Bundle

Basics of the Ketogenic Diet PLR

Coffee, It’s Good for You! 

Healthy Fats to Fill You Up 

Lean Protein for Weight Loss

Christmas Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

An Apple a Day PLR Pack

Preserving the Harvest PLR Bundle

Big Smoothie PLR Bundle

Frugal Family Summer Fun 

Grow Your Own Salad PLR Bundle

Sugar Detox PLR

Clean Eating PLR Bundle

Bone Broth PLR


By the way – they also offer this awesome “non-food” PLR content you might like: 


Monthly Self-Help Membership – great value! (NOTE: Coupon does not apply to the monthly membership!!) This membership includes 30 Days of “Done for You” content each month to help you grow your list and inspire activity in your community.


If you have any questions – let me know! 🙂

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Chinese New Year Book with Photos

Chinese New Year is a very symbolic holiday with traditions to bring luck, health and prosperity in the coming year. It also means a lot of delicious and symbolic foods. This recipe includes 10 great recipes that your readers can easily prepare at home to participate in the holiday.


This is a content and photo package that you can publish on your website, sell, share on social media and more. You can edit, brandand monetize this content as much as you’d like. It’s all up to you when you purchase your private label rights below.


Here is what’s included in this ready-made content pack…

Delicious Chinese New Year Recipes to Bring Your Good Luck, Health and Prosperity

This “Delicious Chinese New Year Recipes to Bring Your Good Luck, Health and Prosperity” book has 10 delicious recipes and their symbolic meanings. It includes 3843 words and 12 images (one for each completed recipe, plus a couple more) to help your readers get in the delicious spirit of the holiday. The recipes included are:


  • Longevity Noodles with Chicken Meatballs
  • Pineapple Tarts
  • Clay Pot or Rice Cooker Chicken with Garlic Rice
  • Egg Tarts
  • Chicken or Pork Stuffed Fried Won Ton
  • Chinese Pork Dumplings
  • Chinese New Year Cake (Niangao)
  • Cantonese Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls
  • Buddha’s Delight (Jai)
  • Sweet and Sour White Whole Fish

Here are a couple of sneak peeks inside…

Chinese New Year Cookbook with PLR

Chinese New Year Cookbook with PLR


Recipe Book Ecover Set with Editable File


Ecovers Included


12 Photos Included


Each recipes comes with a photo of the completed dish, plus there are 2 extra images.  In addition to using the photos in your cookbook, you can use the photos on your blog, on social media or wherever you post images. Be sure to add your URL or logo before posting.


Here’s a sneak peek at the photos:


Images Included

Images Included


The 10 Recipes in Txt Format

If you’d like to publish the recipes on your blog or Facebook feed instead, we’ve also provided them in individual text files to make it simple.


Recipes in Text Format


To Recap, Your Package Includes:

  • Delicious Chinese New Year Recipes to Bring Your Good Luck, Health and Prosperity” (10 Recipes, 3843 words and 12 images)
  • Complete recipe book ecover set with editable PSD file
  • .JPG version of the 12 photos
  • Each recipe in text format, so you can publish on your blog and more

You can get it all this content for just $19, saving you a ton of time researching, creating content, making the projects, taking photos and editing graphics.


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