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Mocktails for Every Occasion: A Collection of Licensed Images

Planning a party is always exciting. You can think of all your favorite recipes for the main dish and dessert, and you never forget about the booze! After all, what’s a party without some drinks? 


But if there’s another thing you should never forget, it’s that not everyone drinks. In a room full of people with wine and shot glasses in their hands, there has to be something for those who don’t drink alcohol. That’s when mocktails take the limelight!


Mocktails are nonalcoholic drinks that are closely similar to cocktails. They’re “mock” cocktails. But don’t let the name fool you; these drinks are just as enticing! As an enthusiast of any recipe I can get my hands on, I know there’s a perfect mocktail recipe for every occasion. And just like any blog, the best way to share a mocktail recipe is to have beautiful images to go along with it.


KitchenBloggers has put together a collection of licensed images of mocktails that you can use for your recipe. If you’ve just mastered a new mocktail recipe for a recent party and want to share it with the world, our images of mocktails will make your blog post more alluring. What sorts of mocktails can you find in the collections? Let’s take a look!

Virgin Cosmopolitan

Who can resist this fancy drink, perfect for a girls’ night or a formal dinner party? The red hue of the Virgin Cosmopolitan is undeniably enticing! The flavors of cranberry, lime, and orange juice make for a delightful drink. It’s the Cosmo but without the vodka. Apart from the sweetness with a touch of tang, you must admire the details of the whole mocktail.



The lime and sugar rimming the glass is perhaps the most exciting part. The sugar crystals add sophistication to the drink, while the lime gives it a zesty smell and flavor. The more elegant the mocktail looks, the more challenging it is to capture with a photograph. You have to make it look as irresistible as it is in real life!

Tequila Sunrise Orange Mocktail

I have to hand it to the Tequila Sunrise Orange Mocktail for being one of the most beautiful drinks I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to see why non-drinkers often favor this drink. The colors alone are captivating! You get a hint of how it tastes just by looking at it — bright and citrusy.



The Tequila Sunrise Orange Mocktail is a mixture of orange juice, grenadine, and any nonalcoholic carbonated drink. The key to this mocktail is to ensure that the grenadine sinks to the bottom of the glass. As it does, it gradually creates that lovely sunrise effect. It’s a crime not to beautifully capture the red to a light orange gradient in your photo!

Blue Lagoon Mocktail

It’s impossible to run out of breathtaking images with the Blue Lagoon mocktail! The color is already so enchanting, and it only gets better when you add ingredients like fruits and mint leaves. 



The refreshing taste comes from its primary ingredients: blue Curaçao, lemon juice, and Sprite. You can also rim the glass with sugar if you want to take things up a notch. Don’t forget a slice of lemon for garnish!


Imagine you’re in a blue lagoon, surrounded by refreshing blue waters — that’s where the Blue Lagoon Mocktail takes you! Great photos of this mocktail should show what it feels like to take a sip of the drink on a hot day. You should feel the refreshing chill of the drink and how you can almost taste the tart, citrusy flavor.

Virgin Cucumber Gimlet

Your first look at the Virgin Cucumber Gimlet might make you think it’s too simple. But what this mocktail lacks in color, it makes up for in flavor. The main ingredients are club soda, lime juice, muddled cucumber, and simple syrup. Serve it in a rocks glass over crushed ice, and you’re good to go.



The cucumber flavor is very distinct, making it a great choice if you want something unique. However, the simplicity makes it challenging to photograph. It would be best if you found the right angle to show off the beautiful light green color of the drink. Your image should show how crisp and refreshing it is. Even if the mocktail looks simple, it can still be photo-worthy and drink-worthy!

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Of course, Sangria wouldn’t be Sangria without wine. But did you know that you can also make a nonalcoholic version of this Spanish classic? This Nonalcoholic Sangria is a great drink to have on hand whether you’re hosting a party or just want something refreshing to sip on. You have lemon, lime, orange, cranberries, and more in one drink!



The challenge in photographing this drink is to capture all the ingredients in one frame. It could look like a lot going on, but that makes the drink so unique. You can see all the different colors and flavors, and it’s up to you to show that off in your photo.

Virgin Piña Coladas

Ah, our all-time favorite summer drink! The Virgin Piña Colada is perfect for hot days when you just want to relax by the pool. It mixes pineapple juice, coconut cream, and pineapple chunks. If you want that extra flavor boost, you can add rum extract. It’s Piña Coladas without the high alcohol content associated with real rum.



When you see a glass of Virgin Piña Colada, you should feel the urge to dive right in. You think of the hot sun beating down on you and this drink helping you cool off. It should capture all the layers of the drink, from the pineapple juice at the bottom to the whipped cream on top. The photo should make you feel like you’re on a tropical island, sipping on this refreshing drink!

Shirly Temple

Nobody can say no to a Shirley Temple! This nonalcoholic drink is perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s so easy to make, too! You probably first had it when you were a kid, and now you can make it for your children. The classic Shirley Temple is just lemon-lime soda with a dash of grenadine and a cup of ginger ale.



But what makes a Shirley Temple so unique? It’s the nostalgia factor. This drink takes you back to simpler times, and that’s what you should capture in your photo. The drink itself is effortless, so you need to find a way to make it look special. Keep your eye on that Maraschino cherry garnish or the fizz of the soda as it’s poured into the glass. Whatever it is, make sure it shows the iconic status of the Shirley Temple!


KitchenBloggers: Stunning Mocktail Images

Mocktails help non-drinkers to enjoy the festive mood and flavors of special occasions. Nobody has to be left out at a party! And the best part? No hangovers. Mocktails are effortlessly enticing, so take advantage of that by using high-quality images of mocktails when sharing recipes on your blog.

Speaking of high-quality images, KitchenBloggers has a large selection to choose from. Our recipes come with collections of professional snaps of food and drinks that you can use to feed your blogs (and readers). We properly license recipes and digital media work, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about in your blog.



Sure, the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions are important. But the images of mocktails will make your readers want to know more about the recipe. The mocktail’s colors, garnishes, and overall presentation in the photo will give them an idea of what they can expect and experiment on. That’s how crucial images are in any recipe blog post.



KitchenBloggers understands that. Just imagine the time and money you’ll save with us from not having to stage your photoshoots! All while maintaining the professional look that you want for your blog. Share those recipes and pair them with our licensed images of mocktails.




What are common mocktails?

There is a wide range of recipes that you can try to make delicious mocktails. Some of the most popular mocktails are:
1. Shirley Temple.
2. Non-Alcoholic Sangria.
3. Virgin Margarita
4. Virgin Mojito
5. Non-Alcoholic Mimosa

What does mocktail mean?

A mocktail is typically an iced drink that is made with the help of different ingredients like juice and soda without using alcohol. In simpler words, a nonalcoholic cocktail is called a mocktail.

Is mocktail alcoholic?

No, mocktails are not alcoholic. These popular nonalcoholic drinks are made with various ingredients like fruit juices, syrups, and soda water. By definition, mocktails are supposed to be nonalcoholic, but some people can still choose to make them alcoholic by adding a small amount of alcohol.

What is a good mocktail to order at a bar?

Some of the good mocktails you can order at a bar are Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers, Virgin Tom Collins, Ginger Beer, and the traditional club soda and lime.

Mocktails for Every Occasion

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